Welcome to Davealot...

...the place where everyone who worships King Dave is liked and anyone who doesn't is not.

please send me an email on to add a message to super freds statue.

friday friday, friday fridy


Download Ace Spit.exe and Cards32.dll and Ace Spit.chm

Download Ace Splat

Planet Bob

We have a rocket flying to planet Bob every 7 seconds, although they are destroyed after landing so finding your way back is up to you. Kind Dave and all Davealot personel ignore your rights for saftey, well being and even your right to life, so if you sue, Bennus will smite you. Probably by dropping a piano on your head.

Catch the next rocket to planet Bob

The Warped World of Whaler

Behold, here lies the only warp rift anchored to the very heart of the warped world of the whaler, the home of Bennus. Please visit at your own liesure, you may return at anytime by stepping back through the rift.

NB. Anyone who refuses or is unable for any reason to visit Bennus will feel the awesome weight of a piano.

Warp to Whaler World

My Guestbo.., I mean, The Census of Davealot

You're in luck, Davealot is casting a Davealot wide census. Of course filling it out is entirely up to you. Anyone who chooses not to will be smited by the all mighty Bennus.

Fill in the census

King Dave

King Dave is always happy to see anyone. As long as they are attractive, funny and have a pleasent odour. He loves to be praised and reminded of his VIP status in Jenitalia. Singing is always encouraged, his favourites include the classic "Whoa Mac Daddy" and the smah hit "whoola loop loop loop", the mixing of songs is also encouraged. Just rember, King Dave loves each and everyone of his fellow people, except you.

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Lewi the Fly

Meet Lewi the Fly


The road is finished, but Jenitalia is still pretty bare though.